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Will the real “Mr. Classy” please stand up?

Sadly, “Mr. Classy” and his “stand-in” were not in the same place on Thanksgiving Day; however, they were both able to celebrate the day.

Now, as you know, they have the grey Michael Kors jackets.  One of them is “Mr. Classy” and the other one is Tim Smith, who is Mr. Classy’s “stand-in.”  Only one of these people is the real “Mr. Classy.”  So, let me ask you this question … will the real “Mr. Classy” please stand up? (The answer is under the photo.)

“Mr. Classy” and his “stand-in” were able to wear the grey MK jackets with class on August 16, 2018. As you can see here, you can wear the grey MK jackets with either jeans or shorts.

Obviously, the real “Mr. Classy” is on the left.  His “stand-in” is on the right.

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