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Joseph’s Moment Of Peace: Joseph’s Money Jars

I really like to save up my money for some neat things.  I almost always have coins in my wallet … and I sometimes, split up the coins in a rather unique way.  I keep half of my coins in a wallet … and I put the other half of my coins in my money jars.  I can’t tell you exactly how much money I have in the jars, but I can tell you that I have at least 41 cents in my jars.  I have three actual money jars and they can be found on one of my dressers in my bedroom … and I also have a money jar that’s shaped like a bottle.  It can be found near my bedroom door.  The money jars relax me … and they allow me to use them whenever I need to take some of the coins out of my wallet.  This way, I can put them to use.

These are Joseph’s money jars. Joseph has at least 41 cents in all of these money jars. Three of them are actual money jars … and one of those money jars is shaped like a bottle.

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By pghjoseph

My name's Joseph Pratt from Pittsburgh. The name of my blog is "Joseph Pratt's Interests And Some Other Things." In this blog, I will talk about the things that interest me the most ... and I will also talk about some exciting events that are going on in my life. I will try to blog once a day either four or five times a week. I hope you will like my blog as much as I do!

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