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Joseph Is Switching Barber Shops In 2019

Yesterday morning, at around 10:00 or so, I got a haircut at Fella’s Barbershop, which is located in McDonald.  I went there back in December … and I really liked the place a lot.

On February 7, 2019, I went to Fella’s Barbershop in McDonald for the second time ever. I previously went there in December. I snapped this selfie just moments before Hunter Dorazio, who is one of the place’s barbers, gave me my haircut.

Now, Hunter Dorazio, who is one of the barbers at Fella’s Barber Shop, gave me my haircut again … and he did a fantastic job in giving me my haircut yesterday.  After I left the place, I gave it a lot of thought … and I’ve decided that I will be going to this place on a regular basis.  I will be going there again in just a few short weeks.

On February 7, 2019, I got my haircut at Fella’s Barber Shop in McDonald. I like it … and I hope you guys like it also.  I will be going to Fella’s Barber Shop on a regular basis in the future.

Over the years, I have gotten my haircuts at various places, including Fantastic Sams, Holiday Hair, The Great Southern Barber Shop, SportClips, the old JCPenney Salon in Bridgeville, BoRics Hair Salon in Scott Township, Great Clips and Maestro’s Barber Shop.  Now I will be getting my haircuts at Fella’s Barber Shop in the future.  Please don’t say anything negative about my decision.  It was a choice I made myself.

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