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Joseph’s Moment Of Peace: Joseph’s Relax And Sleep App

Today, I would like to talk about an app that I use on my smartphone on a daily basis … and it’s called the “Relax And Sleep” app.  There are all kinds of soothing sounds on the app … and you can use it for a certain amount of time.  In fact, you can have one or multiple timers on it; however, you can use just one timer at a time.

I love this app a lot … and, if you like it a lot, you can download the app for free.  It’s in the Google Play store … and you can find it in your app store, if you don’t use the Google Play store.  The app relaxes me in a big way … and I use it several times a day.  I also use it for one hour and 23 minutes every night as I prepare to go to sleep.  I urge all of you guys to download the “Relax And Sleep” app someday.  It has a little lamb on the app.  It will relax you guys in a big way.

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