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Happy 70th Birthday, Barbara Papakie!

During the second half of my blog’s fifth year, I’m gonna give you some chances to revisit some of my past blog posts. Today, I’m going to let you revisit the last blog post from my blog’s second year, which is from August of 2016.

Now, the blog post that I’m going to let you revisit today was written by me on August 14, 2016 … and, on that day, my grandmother, Barbara Papakie, was turning 70. I kept the blog post short by wishing her a happy 70th birthday. She is one of the people who has been able to turn me into the classy gentleman that I am now. She’s slightly over 70 now, but, nonetheless, she is still a terrific woman.

During the month of May, I will give you a chance to revisit some of my blog posts from my blog’s third year. Some of them may look interesting to you. Enjoy your day!

In honor of my blog’s fifth year, I’d like to show you five blog posts that I wrote down on or around April 30th in previous years …
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Today, I would like to wish my grandmother, Barbara Papakie, a happy 70th birthday! She is one of the people who has turned me into the “classy” gentleman that I am today. She is a classy lady indeed.

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