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Celebrating more than 10 years of friendship

During the second half of my blog’s fifth year, I will give you a chance to revisit some of my posts from my blog’s fifth year. Today, I will give you another chance to revisit a post from my blog’s third year. I wrote the post in January of 2007 and it’s entitled “Celebrating 10 years of friendship.”

In the blog post, I was talking about my 10-year friendship with Justin McKean. We became friends at South Fayette High School on January 23, 2007 … and he was one of the three substitute teachers that I had on that day. All three of my regular teachers were off on that day. Since then, we keep in touch with each other as often as possible. Over the past 12 years, I have talked with him in e-mails and on Social Media … and I do bump into him in person either once or twice a year, mainly at our local festivals. He is also able to be cool, casual and classy on some occasions … and, in some ways, he has inspired me to follow suit in a way. Since I wrote this blog post more than two years ago, Justin is currently not a fellow WordPress blogger like he was back in early 2017. That may change in the future. All in all, Justin is a terrific friend … and I will try to bump into him at least one time this Summer.

In honor of my blog’s fifth year, I’d like to show you five blog posts that I wrote down on or around May 17th in previous years …
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My 30th birthday gifts (May 17, 2016)
The sky is orange … and the clouds are dark! (May 17, 2015)
Joseph’s Moment Of Peace: My computer room’s chair (May 18, 2017)

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Ten years ago today, I became friends with one of the coolest and classiest people that I have ever known … and his name is Justin McKean.  On that day, he was one of the three substitute teachers that I had while I went to South Fayette High School on that day.

Since January 23, 2007, Justin has been my teacher, my friend and also my fellow blogger … and we still keep in touch with each other regularly.  We also bump into each other once or twice a year at local festivals.

Back in July of 2016, I bumped into Justin at McSummerfest … and we took a selfie while we were there one evening.

0705161929_HDR On July 5, 2016, I bumped into Justin McKean at McSummerfest in McDonald, PA. We have been friends in one form or another for almost 10 years now. Since 2007, he has been my…

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