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Joseph’s Flashback: Joseph goes to Pizza Capri in McDonald!

McDonald is a terrific town and it is located in Washington County … and I have gone to that place many times in my lifetime.  The town has some fantastic restaurants, including Pizza Capri, which has been in McDonald for many years.  I don’t know how long it is been there for, but I do know it has been in the town for as long as I can remember.  It’s a fantastic pizza shop … and I went there quite a bit whenever I was younger back in the ’90s.  At the time, it was on East Lincoln Avenue in McDonald.  Another pizza shop is currently in the building that once housed Pizza Capri … and, now, you can find Pizza Capri on Route 980 in the heart of McDonald.  The food there is fantastic … and I would like to go there again at some point in the future.  When I went there in the ’90s, they didn’t have breakfast items … and, now, they have breakfast items.  Maybe I can go there for breakfast someday … or maybe I can get pizza there someday.

Next time, I will write my 1,125th blog post … and I will give you a hint.  The blog post will be about a very classy thing.

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