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Joseph’s New “Dragon Ball Z” T-Shirt

Today, I would like to show you another present that I got for my 33rd birthday.  It would be a blue “Dragon Ball Z” T-Shirt.  Now, I already have an orange “Dragon Ball Z” zip-up hoodie, which is from Ripple Junction.  I got it in the mail back in 2015 … and I like it a lot.  The “Dragon Ball Z” T-Shirt, which is from Wal-Mart, is the second “Dragon Ball Z” shirt that I have ever owned.  My neighbor, Michael Spicer, got me the “Dragon Ball Z” shirt for my birthday … and I really like it a lot.  I would like to thank him for getting it for me and for allowing me to have a classy shirt of my own.

As you can see here, I like my new “Dragon Ball Z” T-shirt a lot and I will be wearing it many times in the future.  Thank you, Michael Spicer, for getting me a classy T-shirt for my 33rd birthday.

Next time, I will give you a chance to revisit some more of my blog posts from my blog’s third year.  I wrote the posts in the summer of 2017.

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