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My Blog Has Been Seen More Than 100 Times In One Week?!

I am giving my computer a break this week, but I will continue to give you some interesting blog posts this week.  I will start using my computer again at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 16th.

For the week of May 27, 2019, my blog was seen more than 100 views in a single week. It has never happened in the history of this blog. When I snapped this photo on June 2, 2019, it was seen 103 times in one week … and, since I snapped the photo, the number increased slightly. It was seen 107 times in a single week just this past week.

As you probably know, I did say that I would have some surprises for you guys during my blog’s fifth year … and you may be surprised in a big way when you see the subject of today’s blog post.  For the first time ever in the history of this blog, my blog surprised the 100-views mark in a single week.  I snapped a photo of my blog doing so back on June 2, 2019 … and, whenever I snapped the photo, it was seen 103 times during the week of May 27, 2019.  Since I snapped that photo, the number increased slightly.  My blog was seen 107 times in a single week this past week.  I don’t think my blog has ever had 100 views in a single week before, but, of course, it may have come close to it on a few occasions.  Thank you for allowing my blog to reach this rather unique milestone this past week.

In honor of my blog’s fifth year, I’d like to show you five blog posts that I wrote down on or around June 14th in previous years …
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