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I may be taking my evening walks again soon!

Late last year, I said that I would no longer take my evening walks around National Hill.  Well, I may rethink that idea in the future.  It actually came to me after I happened to bump into one of my neighbors in Great Southern Shopping Center on Friday morning.  Later that day, I would walk around National Hill for a few minutes … and I would do that a few times over the weekend.  While I was walking, I did some thinking … and, this week, I will be walking around National Hill at around 6:25 in the evening.  If it works, I may start walking at my old time again in the future.  So, obviously, at some point after the Fourth of July, I will start walking at around 5:00 on select afternoons … and I will do that mainly on weekdays.

On June 17, 2019, at around 6:30 in the evening, I took my first evening walk around National Hill in several months. I said that I would no longer take my evening walks late last year, but I may reinstate them on a regular basis in just a matter of days. Beginning right after the Fourth of July, I will walk at 5:00 on select afternoons, mainly on weekdays.

If you happen to see me walking outdoors one evening this Summer, please say hello to me … and make sure you speak to me in a respectful and friendly manner.

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