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I still have my Colussy Chevrolet shirt one year later!

One year ago, I got a blue and white Colussy Chevrolet Raglan shirt.  The dealership turned 100 years old last Summer … and they had these shirts in honor of Colussy Chevrolet’s 100th anniversary.  This Summer, it is 101 years old.  I have worn the shirt several times since I got it … and I will try to wear it many times in the future.

I have owned the blue and white Colussy Chevrolet Raglan shirt for one year now. You can see the Colussy Chevrolet logo on the front of the shirt. When these shirts were made, the dealership was celebrating its 100th anniversary.
This is the back of my Colussy Chevrolet shirt. There’s an old car on the back of the shirt … and you can see the Colussy Chevrolet logo clearly on the back of the shirt. It also says “Serving Pittsburgh since 1918” on the back part of the shirt.

I hope you guys like this Colussy Chevrolet shirt as much as I do.  It has given me a lot of class over the past year.

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