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Joseph Is Seeing Tap That On The Outside!

On October 5, 2019, while I was mailing a letter at Cuddy Post Office, I was able to snap this photo of Tap That, which is located next to the post office in Cuddy. This is the outside of the building. Hopefully I can eat there in the near future.

Now, back in August of this year, the Iron Creek Bar and Grille, which was in Cuddy for nearly nine years, became a fairly classy restaurant called Tap That.  Now, I was not able to see the building in person until October 5, 2019, whenever I was mailing a letter outside of the Cuddy Post Office.  While I was standing outside of the post office, I was able to snap a photo of the building that Tap That has been housed in for the past two months.  Now, in the past, it has been called several different restaurants, including Mariani’s Italian Restaurant, Iron Creek Bar and Grille and Ferguson’s Pub.

Now, I went to this place whenever it was called the places that I just mentioned in this post … and, hopefully, I can go there as Tap That at some point in the near future.  If I do go there, I will try to snap a selfie while I’m there … and I will talk about my experiences of eating there in a future blog post.

So far, Tap That is a fantastic restaurant … and, by looking at the photos of the restaurant on Social Media, you can easily tell that they didn’t change it too much.  Sure, they may have painted a wall or two, but, the inside of the restaurant hasn’t really changed too much since the Iron Creek Bar and Grille left the building this past Summer.  I can’t wait to see the inside of the restaurant in person someday, but, for the time being, I will just show you what it looks like on the outside.