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Blog Post Number 1,225

Today, I am writing my 1,225th blog post … and it’s going to be a personal post this time.  Now, on October 16th, I went to Katsur Dental, which is located in Collier Towne Square, for the first time since the Spring of 2018.  My dental appointments usually go fairly well, but it didn’t go so well this time around.  I have to get two more of my upper teeth removed … and I have to get at least one filling.  I will be getting my two upper teeth removed at a later date at the same oral surgeon’s office that I went to in October of 2015 whenever I had my wisdom teeth removed.  Now, it could be hereditary.  My father, James Pratt, had some teeth removed at a young age … and he had false teeth whenever he was in his 30s.  Yes, I will have false teeth while I’m in my 30s … and I feel ashamed about that.

I don’t know when I’ll be getting my two upper teeth removed yet … and I may switch dentists next year.  I will be getting partial dentures in the near future.  I wonder which ones I should get.