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Good Luck, Roger Huston

On June 28, 1963, The Meadows Racetrack first opened up for business in North Strabane Township, which is in Washington County.  Nearly 13 years later, a man named Roger Huston started calling races there for the first time.  Over the years, I would watch him call the races on the Meadows Racing Network, which has aired on various TV and cable stations here in Pittsburgh over the years.  Now, over the weekend, Roger called his last race at The Meadows.  I may have heard him call a race or two at The Meadows Racetrack itself over the years.  I actually did it on a Saturday afternoon not too long ago.  I was actually sitting in the food court at the time.  I actually heard his voice over the loudspeakers while I was at the food court.  Roger did a fantastic job in calling the races that I was able to see while I was there that afternoon.

Now, back in July, while I was at The Meadows Casino on a Tuesday morning, I was able to walk downstairs and see some of the exhibits that are there.  They can be found near Meadows Lanes, which is their bowling alley.  While I was downstairs that morning, I saw Roger Huston not once, but twice.  That moment really made my day.

The Meadows Racetrack won’t be the same without Roger.  He was able to give us some class for more than 43 years.  Good luck, Roger Huston!