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Joseph’s Moment Of Peace: Joseph’s West Virginia Public Broadcasting App

Last month, I talked about my 90.5 WESA app in one of my features, which is called “Joseph’s Moment Of Peace.”  Well, today, I’m using this feature again as I talk about another one of my public radio apps, which is on my smartphone.  This would be my West Virginia Public Broadcasting App.  Now, WVPB is affiliated with both PBS and NPR.  On the TV side, it owns some PBS stations … and, on the radio side, it owns some NPR stations.  Years ago, I listened to one of WVPB’s stations in the car.  The station is in Wheeling … and you can hear it on 89.9 on the FM dial.  I live in southwestern Allegheny County … and the station is quite listenable there.

Well, anyway, I have the West Virginia Public Broadcasting app on my smartphone … and it relaxes me in a big way, especially whenever I listen to classical music on it.  They play classical music on there during the day … and, of course, like 90.5 WESA, they airs lots of NPR’s programs at various other times.  Now, on Saturday nights, they air a show called “Mountain Stage,” which is produced by WVPB.  I don’t listen to the show myself, but I think it sounds pretty good.  I like the sleep timer feature that’s on the app.  It counts it down in hours, minutes and seconds.  The sleep timer feature is also on the 90.5 WESA app.  I like the WVPB app … and I will continue to use it whenever I can.