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Don’t Drop It!

Brady has been at our house since March of 2019 … and, at various times, he can be a very nosy bulldog.  Now you have to be on high alert whenever you come across Brady.  I have to do that on a daily basis … and that is especially true whenever I have to watch him during the day.  I do my best not to drop any items in his presence.  If any one of us should drop something in this presence, he may hear it and grab the item that one of us dropped.  He will get a firm grip on the item that’s in his mouth, but he does drop it eventually.  Sometimes, the item is still fine, but other times, the item is not so lucky.  I’ve had two close calls with my smartphone.  I dropped it on our dining room floor … and Brady almost got it.  Talk about a close call.  I also dropped it outside of our front door as I was about to take one of my walks recently.  Luckily, he was not there whenever that happened.  So, remember, don’t drop any items whenever you come across Brady, because there is a good chance that he may grab it almost immediately.

Now, as I wrap up today’s blog post, I would like to say that my blog did cross the 7,000-views mark today … and I will talk about the event in tomorrow’s blog post.