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Should Joseph buy a lavender-infused pillow?

I was reading an ad for Bed, Bath and Beyond, which came in the mail recently, and, in it, I saw a lavender-infused pillow from Brookstone, which is in the ad.  It’s only 48 dollars at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I have My Pillow on my bed … and I have another pillow, which I have owned for about four years or so.  The pillow that I have owned for four years is really flat … and I’m thinking about getting another pillow in the future.  I would, of course, continue to use the pillowcase that is on my current pillow.

As you know, lavender is a calming scent … and it’s supposed to relax you.  If I use a lavender-infused pillow at night, do you think it would relax me and help me sleep well?  I think it would.  I don’t think I’ll buy one now, but I may consider buying one in the future.