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I saw some neat stuff from Broyhill while I was at Big Lots recently!

Now, I went up to Big Lots in Bridgeville both yesterday morning and on Friday morning.  On Friday, I went up there with my mother … and, yesterday, I went up there with my grandmother.  Now, while I was up there on both of those days, I was able to check out some of the Broyhill products that Big Lots has in that store.  I mainly focused my attention on their outdoor stuff.  Broyhill calls it the “2020 Spring Season.”  Now, it is Winter outside, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop thinking about Spring.  I saw a lot of their items for Spring … and they were near the front of the store.  Now, the items up there are worth either hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  I like most of the outdoor items that I saw up there, but since they are fairly expensive, I probably won’t be buying any of their outdoor items anytime soon.  I like the pavilion that they had up there, too, but it is worth around $1,300.  Overall, Broyhill’s outdoor items looked very nice to me … and I will try to look at their items again if I do go up to that Big Lots store again.