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Celebrating One Year Of Friendship With Bill Ali

One year ago today, I became friends with musician Bill Ali.  I would see one of his concerts on April 7, 2019, while I was at Railyard Grill and Tap Room in Bridgeville.  That afternoon, while I was there, I became an official fan of Bill Ali’s work.  As of today, the show that I saw him do there last April is the only Bill Ali show I had ever seen.  I almost made it two last month, but I was unable to go there because I was very busy, but, hopefully, I can see one of his shows again whenever I’m able to go there again.  Bill is a terrific musician … and he and his band, which is called The Bill Ali Band, are able to put on some of the best shows in and around the Pittsburgh area.  I hope you will be able to see one of his shows if you happen to be in the Pittsburgh area in the future.

On April 7, 2019, I met Bill Ali, who is the leader of The Bill Ali Band. He and his band put on a fantastic show at the Railyard Grill And Tap Room that afternoon.