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Joseph Is Not Watching PCNC Anymore

We are already one week into the year 2020 and the 2020s … and some parts of the new year and the new decade have not been good to me, especially when it comes to the shows and channels that I watch on a daily basis.  On New Year’s Day, I was not able to watch PCNC after being able to do so for the last three or four years or so.  It was on Comcast Channel 35 for a few years or so.  For a few days or so, a message appeared on a black screen while I was able to watch Channel 35 for, maybe, a “split second” or so … and, on Monday, the channel officially disappeared from our cable lineup.  Since I’m not able to watch PCNC anymore, I now have to change my weekday viewing habits a little bit.  In the mornings, I will watch The Hallmark Channel and CNN … and, in the afternoons and the early evening hours, I will watch just CNN.  That may be a good thing for me in this case, because, later this year, CNN will celebrate its 40th anniversary on the air.  CNN is on Comcast Channel 32.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to watch PCNC in one form or another in another location at some point this year, but, until then, I won’t be able to do so in my own home.

Just so you know, PCNC is short for Pittsburgh Cable News Channel … and CNN is short for Cable News Network.

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Joseph Gets A “D” In A Good Way

Now, as you can see, the title of today’s blog post is “Joseph Gets A ‘D’ In A Good Way.”  Now, I didn’t do a bad job with anything in particular.  In the blog post, I’m going to talk about getting more Vitamin D inside of me.  When I went to the doctor’s office yesterday morning, the nurse who spoke with me said that my Vitamin D levels were low, but I’m going to try to change that in a good way.  This morning, I took a Vitamin D3 gummy from Vitafusion, which I purchased yesterday at Bridgeville Giant Eagle.  It says, “Take two gummy vitamins per day.”  Now, should I take two of them at the same time … or should I space them out accordingly by taking one vitamin in the morning and one vitamin in the evening?  I’ll leave that up to you guys.  Now, in this case, I would be getting a “D” in a good way by getting more Vitamin D inside of me.

Enjoy your day … and, next time, I will celebrate a rather unique milestone of sorts.

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Joseph Recovers From His Oral Surgery

On November 26, 2019, I got two of my upper teeth removed at the oral surgeon’s office in Peters Township, which is in Washington County.  The procedure went very well.  I slept through the surgery.  They put tubes in my nose … and the oxygen went through the tubes.  I also got an IV unit placed inside of my right arm.  They also put certain things on my chest so they could monitor my breathing and my vital signs during my oral surgery.  I fell asleep after my put those things on me and in me.  It took me a while to wake up after the surgery was over.  I don’t even remember leaving the building that the oral surgeon’s office is housed in.  I had some help getting out of that office, though.  I woke up inside of the car after I left the oral surgeon’s office.

After I left the oral surgeon’s office late that morning, I went home and I spent the rest of the day recovering in our two bedrooms.  I started recovering in my bedroom … and, then, about two hours later, I went into another bedroom, where the TV was.  I was able to watch CNN for hours while I was recovering in one of our two bedrooms.  At around 7:00 that evening, I went back into my bedroom … and I stayed in there for the next nine hours or so.  I was back on my feet again the next morning … and, over the next few days, I would start eating more solid foods after taking in mostly liquids just hours after I had my surgery.  I would just eat mainly soft foods at first … and then, I would start eating hard foods again whenever I was able to do so.  I wanted to ease back into them again.  Now, as of today, I’m eating all kinds of foods again.

Of course, I may need false teeth for my upper teeth as early as next year … and I will talk about it in a blog post later this month.

Enjoy your day!

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Joseph Goes To The Oral Surgeon’s Office

In September of 2015, I visited the oral surgeon’s office in Peters Township, which is in Washington County, for the first time.  Four of the doctors who work there have the last name of Pasqual … and they also have at least one fantastic nurse there.  I would actually be getting my wisdom teeth removed … and I would also get an extra bad tooth or two removed as well while I was there.  When I went there the first time, that didn’t happen.  I accidentally said that I would get my wisdom teeth removed in September of 2015, but it didn’t really happen … and I also apologized for giving out the wrong information.  When I went there a second time nearly a month later, they actually removed one or two bad teeth and my wisdom teeth.  It went very well … and I recovered from it completely just days later.

Now, on Halloween in 2019, I went to that same oral surgeon’s office again … and, believe it or not, they remember me fairly well.  Now, just like last time, I had a “consultation appointment” while I was there the first time around.  I didn’t want to give out the wrong information this time like I did last time.  Next Tuesday, I will be getting two more bad teeth removed.  They’re my upper teeth.  Hopefully the procedure will go well whenever I’m there next week.  As we get closer to that big day, I would like all of you to keep me in your thoughts and in your prayers as much as possible.  I plan on recovering from my surgery after I leave the oral surgeon’s office … and I will talk about the experience in a blog post next month.  Wish me luck!

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Is 4:30 a.m. too early to watch a newscast?

Since July of 1982, Pittsburgh has had a morning newscast of some kind on at least one of its TV stations.  Now, these are the newscasts that air before the network’s morning programs air.  Newscasts would air at various times between 4:30 and 7 in the morning … and they would air for either one hour, 90 minutes, two hours or 2 1/2 hours.

WTAE gave us Pittsburgh’s first early morning newscast in ’82, but they aired it in two 15-minute blocks.  They aired at 6:15 and 6:45 in the morning … and they were shown during ABC’s “World News This Morning.”  WPXI gave us our city’s first complete 30-minute newscast in October of 1986.  It aired from 6:30 until 7 in the morning back then.  KDKA would start an early morning newscast of its own in 1990 … and it was one hour long.  It aired from 6 until 7 in the morning.

Nowadays, all three of our local stations start their early morning newscasts at or around 4:30 on weekday mornings.  The 4:30 a.m. newscast first came to Pittsburgh in 2010.  In my opinion, I think it might be too early to watch a newscast at that time.  Then again, I’m always up just before that time … and I may watch bits and pieces of an early morning newscast on one of our local stations, if I’m up to it.

I hope you enjoyed my little history lesson in today’s blog post.  Pittsburgh has had early morning newscasts in one form or another for more than 37 years now.  So, maybe I will watch a morning newscast whenever I wake up tomorrow morning.

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Blog Post Number 1,225

Today, I am writing my 1,225th blog post … and it’s going to be a personal post this time.  Now, on October 16th, I went to Katsur Dental, which is located in Collier Towne Square, for the first time since the Spring of 2018.  My dental appointments usually go fairly well, but it didn’t go so well this time around.  I have to get two more of my upper teeth removed … and I have to get at least one filling.  I will be getting my two upper teeth removed at a later date at the same oral surgeon’s office that I went to in October of 2015 whenever I had my wisdom teeth removed.  Now, it could be hereditary.  My father, James Pratt, had some teeth removed at a young age … and he had false teeth whenever he was in his 30s.  Yes, I will have false teeth while I’m in my 30s … and I feel ashamed about that.

I don’t know when I’ll be getting my two upper teeth removed yet … and I may switch dentists next year.  I will be getting partial dentures in the near future.  I wonder which ones I should get.

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Joseph’s wisdom teeth have been gone for four years now!

Four years ago today, I got my wisdom teeth removed at the oral surgeon’s office in Peters Township, which is in Washington County.  The procedure went fairly well … and I’ve been doing fairly well since then.

I was able to recover nicely after I got my wisdom teeth removed back in October of 2015.  I had my stuffed lamb with me while I was recovering from my surgery that weekend … and I have him again as I celebrate this anniversary.

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Joseph’s Flashback: I thought it was just a train ride!

In 1998, I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with my relatives … and I was able to visit the Magic Kingdom while I was there.  Now, I have ridden on train rides at various amusement parks for as long as I can remember … and I did see a train ride while I was at Disney World.  It’s called the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  The ride is in the Frontierland section of the Magic Kingdom.

Well, innocently enough, I go on what looks like a train ride, but not long after I get on the so-called “train ride,” I find out that I’m actually on a … roller coaster!  Can you believe that?!  Now, I had never ridden on a roller coaster in my life until then … and I have not ridden on one since I rode on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World 21 years ago.

Will I ride on another roller coaster again?  I don’t think so!

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Will Joseph stop going to Cecil’s Fall Festival?

Now, this past Saturday, I went to Cecil’s Fall Festival, which is located in Cecil Park, for nearly one hour.  I was there in the late afternoon hours on Saturday.  I was there from around 4 until 5 on that day.  I was hoping I would see some familiar faces there, but, sadly, that was not the case.  There aren’t too many exciting things there as there once was, but I was able to see some neat things while I was there.

This festival has taken place at Cecil Park every year since 1988 … and, sadly, I may not be going to this event after this year.  Nothing personal.  It’s just that I would like to focus on some other exciting festivals that are in and around the area.  I will continue to go to Cecil Park whenever I have the time to do so.

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Say hello to Dom Lazzini

During the second half of my blog’s fifth year, I will give you chances to revisit some of my past blog posts … and, throughout the month of July, I will give you chances to revisit some posts from my blog’s fifth year. Today, I will let you revisit a post from May of 2019 … and it is entitled “Say hello to Dom Lazzini.”

On May 4, 2019, I went to South Fayette Stadium for the first time since I went to South Fayette High School in the 2000s. I went to a lacrosse game with one of my relatives late that morning. I wore my green South Fayette Lions Lacrosse pullover to the game … and my friend, Chuck Lazzini, wore his green top to the game as well. That was sort of planned. We also wore the tops to South Fayette Fire Hall just over two months earlier. Anyway, I bumped into Chuck Lazzini’s son, Dom, while I was there … and Dom was nice enough to appear in a photo with both me and Chuck while I was at South Fayette Stadium. Dom was literally surrounded by two classy people that day … and meeting Dom in person is an experience that I won’t soon forget. He is one of the classiest people that I have ever known.

In honor of my blog’s fifth year, I’d like to show you five blog posts that I wrote down on or around July 17th in previous years …
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Revisiting a lesser-known blog post: I’m not really stressed out anymore! (July 17, 2015)
Joseph’s Moment Of Peace: Joseph’s little vacuum cleaner! (July 19, 2018)

Joseph Pratt's Interests And Some Other Things

Over the weekend, I saw a lacrosse game at South Fayette Stadium … and I really enjoyed it, even though one of South Fayette’s Lacrosse teams lost by one point in overtime.  I still like South Fayette’s Lacrosse team a lot.

I bumped into one of this blog’s followers, Chuck Lazzini, while I was at the game … and we both had our green lacrosse pullovers on while we were there.  Also, while I was at the game, I bumped into Chuck’s son, Dom.  Dom is a very classy person.  He’s also a classy lacrosse player.  He played for South Fayette’s lacrosse team in the past … and now he plays for Mount Union’s lacrosse team, which is located in Ohio.  I also wore my Mount Union shirt underneath of my top … and Chuck wore a Mount Union hat that morning.

IMG_20190504_105135124_HDR On May 4, 2019, while I was watching…

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