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Blog Post Number 1,250

Today, I am writing my 1,250th blog post … and, whenever I write special blog posts like this one, I write about anything that I think is interesting.  It can be about a person, a place or a thing.  Well, today, since I’m halfway between my 1,000th blog post and my 1,500th blog post, I’m going to write about a person, a place and a thing.  The person is James Bendel, the place is Crazy Horse Coffee and the thing is a classy item from Crazy Horse Coffee.

Now, just last month, I was able to meet the owner of Crazy Horse Coffee, whose name is James Bendel.  I also went to this coffee shop earlier this year.  I would like to say that James does a fantastic job in running this coffee shop whenever he can.  I am a true fan of this place.  I was able to get a drink while I was there last month … and I was able to buy a classy item while I was there.

Please enjoy your Thanksgiving, my friends!