Joseph’s Top Blog Posts For June 2018

Can you believe it?  The month of June is almost here … and that means that Summer is right around the corner.  It also means that we’re almost halfway through 2018 already.

In this blog post, I’m gonna tell you about a few of the blog posts that I’ll be writing down in June.  One of those blog posts will be my 900th blog post.  I’ll be writing it in the middle of the month.  I won’t tell you what it will be about yet, but I will give you a hint right now.  My 900th blog post will be about one of my classiest friends ever.  It could be about any one of you guys.

Another one of my blog posts will be entitled “Joseph Remembers His Battle With Lyme Disease Two Years Later.”  I will talk about my battle with Lyme disease, which occurred nearly two years ago.  It seems like I just had it yesterday.  Tick season is getting underway, so I’m doing everything I can to stop myself from getting it again.

Another one of my blog posts will be entitled “Joseph Is Not Going To The Cabins This Year!”  In the blog post, I will tell you why I won’t be going to the cabins this year.  The reason may surprise you a little bit.

Another one of my blog posts will be entitled “Joseph’s New Colussy Chevrolet Shirt.”  This year, Colussy Chevrolet, which is located in South Fayette, is turning 100 years old this year … and they will have a classy shirt, which will come out next month.  I may buy one for myself next month.  Of course, if I don’t buy one, then I won’t write this blog post.  I will write a back-up blog post … and I don’t know what it will be about yet.

Another one of my blog posts will be entitled “An ‘ode’ to a classy friend named Michael.”  This blog post will be about one of my friends, whose name is Michael.  I can’t tell you which one it will be yet.

I will also give my features a break in June.  I’ll be giving my computer a break from around 7 p.m. on Friday, June 8th, until around 5 a.m. on Sunday, June 17th, which is Father’s Day.

I hope you will check out at least one of my blog posts in June.  Enjoy your day!


Joseph Has Owned His Grey Pens Shirt For Two Years Now!

Two years ago today, I purchased a grey Penguins shirt at Bridgeville T.J. Maxx.  The shirt was only eight dollars … and I was also able to talk one of my friends into buying one there as well.  The friend in question is Chuck Lazzini, who is also known as “Captain Cool.”  Since then, we have been able to wear them with class a few times.  This is actually my favorite Penguins shirt ever.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will continue to wear this Penguins shirt many more times in the future, but I do have a new rule that I will implement, starting today.  I will wear this shirt during hockey season, but I will do my best not to wear it whenever the Penguins are playing their games.  I will wear my other Penguins shirts on game days.

An “ode” to a classy person named Jay

For about 3 1/4 years or so, I have been able to talk about some of my classiest friends ever in my blog posts … and, today, I’m going to talk about another one of the classiest friends that I have ever known.  This person’s name is Jay Papuga.

I have been friends with him for about two years now.  I’ve only bumped into him twice in the past two years … and, hopefully, I can do it again soon.  I first bumped into him in my own home whenever he was showing us the services that his company has to offer … and then I bumped into him at a festival in Scott Township.  Jay is one of the classiest people that I have ever known.

Joseph bumped into Jay Papuga at a local festival back in July of 2016.

Is this green top classy or what?

For the past month now, I have owned a classy green top from South Fayette’s Lacrosse Team.  I really like this team a lot … and, while I probably have no plans on attending one of their games in the near future, I will do my best to support this team while I wear this top.

I first got the top in the mail on January 25, 2018, three months after my mother ordered one for me.  After I returned from my “vacation” on February 4th, I talked about the top in a blog post.  Well, I will do it in this blog post as well.  Is it classy or what?  I’m gonna show you a photo of that top … and I’ll let you guys be the judges here.

This is Joseph’s green pullover top, which is from the South Fayette Lions Lacrosse team. Is this top classy or what?

Well, I think it’s very classy.  I’ve worn it with just about everything over the past month.  I’ve worn it with dress pants, jeans and even shorts since I got it last month.  I will continue to wear it many times in the future.  Hopefully, you guys can buy one somewhere sometime soon.  It might make you guys look classy also.

I’d like to wrap up this blog post by allowing you guys to see me wearing this top with my brown dress pants, which are from Dockers.

On January 25, 2018, Joseph got his green lacrosse pullover top in the mail, just three months after his mother ordered it for him online.

Joseph’s new blue zip-up hoodie

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today, I’d like to tell you about another one of my presents that I got for Christmas a month ago.  It’s a blue zip-up hoodie from American Rag.  This hoodie is very classy … and I’ve worn it a few times since I got it.  I plan on wearing this many times in the future … and I may wear it with my red V-neck T-shirt, which is also from American Rag, in the future.

I will not be using my computer next week, so I will not be giving you several blog posts then.  Instead, I will write a two-part blog post for you guys … and it will be about some of the things that happened on August 24, 2014, which is also the day that I started this blog.

On February 4, 2018, I will start using my computer again … and I’m gonna write another blog post for you guys.  In it, I’m gonna tell you about an item that I got in the mail recently.

Joseph Has A Question For You: What should Joseph wear with his cardigan sweater?

A few weeks ago, I got my new grey cardigan sweater for Christmas … and I’ve worn it a couple of times since I got it.  I will wear it many times in the future.  Of course, I will also wear the sweater with class.  Today, I’m gonna ask you a question about the sweater.

Here’s the question … what should Joseph wear with his cardigan sweater?

Do you think Joseph should wear it with jeans?

IMG_20180117_043949687Do you think Joseph should wear it with dress pants?


Well, what should I wear with my cardigan sweater?  Should I wear it with jeans or dress pants?  I will probably wear it with both of those items.

Two Classy Dudes ‘N At

One year ago today, I started a secret Facebook group … and it also includes my friend, Justin McKean.  We are just two of the “classiest dudes” … and we have been friends for almost 11 years.

I can’t really tell you what our group is about, but I can tell you that our group is a very classy one.

One of my secret Facebook groups, which is called “Two Classy Dudes ‘N At,” features Joseph Pratt and Justin McKean. We both have the beige John Ashford sweaters, which is the “de facto” sweater of the group.

Joseph’s Halloween Costume For 2017

In this photo, Joseph is a “classy dude.” He’s wearing his red polo shirt from St. John’s Bay, his light wash jeans from Sears and his black laceless loafers from Dockers. He’s also wearing his blue “Clyde” jacket from Puma … and he’s wearing his orange camo hat from the PA National Guard. He’s also wearing a 2016 Stanley Cup Champions shirt underneath of the polo shirt.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have chosen my Halloween costume for 2017 … and, this year, I will dress up as a “classy dude” on Halloween night.  I hope you guys like this costume as much as I do.

“Mr. Classy” might get a little makeover soon!

I really like my grey Michael Kors jacket a lot. I have owned it for exactly one year now!

Now, since the first day of 2016, I have been able to call myself “Mr. Classy” many times.  I would only call myself that whenever I would wear my grey Michael Kors jacket with my outfits.  Now, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately … and, today, I’ve decided that “Mr. Classy” might get a little makeover soon.  What do I mean by that?  Well, Mr. Classy’s wardrobe is gonna get a much-needed upgrade.  I will still wear my grey MK jacket whenever I want to become “Mr. Classy,” but I have decided that I will buy a second outfit in order for me to become “Mr. Classy.”  I can’t tell you what the item is yet, but I can assure you it will be a rather interesting item.  Of course, I will keep you posted.

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