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Joseph Wants To Be Alone

I am visiting my “undisclosed location” this weekend, so, obviously, I’ll be giving my computer a break for a majority of the weekend.  Today, I’d like to write a rather personal blog post for you guys.  Some parts of it are good … and some parts of it are bad.  It will sort of tell you guys why I haven’t been out and about a lot this year.  The reason may surprise you a little bit.

I am what is called an “introvert.”  An “introvert” is a person who likes to be alone for long periods of time.  I can now say that I am an “introvert.”  While I love to talk to you guys both online and in person a lot, I do like to be alone on some occasions.  When it comes to being alone, I sometimes enjoy it.  It depends on the situation, of course.  Sometimes it’s good … and sometimes it’s bad.

This year, you may not have seen me going to certain places and events.  Well, that’s because I can’t really tolerate being in large crowds for long periods of time.  I also can’t tolerate loud music for long periods of time, either.  I can probably go somewhere if it will not be very crowded … and I can go somewhere if the music will not be too loud.  Those were a few of the reasons why I was not able to go to certain events this year, like McSummerfest and the Mardi Gras Dance.  Now, last year, I was able to go to McSummerfest for just a few minutes … and I did go to the Mardi Gras Dance last year, but I was not able to stay the entire time.

Also, this year, I have not been able to take my evening walks around National Hill on a daily basis.  It sort of depends on my mood.  I’m trying not to take too many walks around my neighborhood anymore … and I’m also trying to give me some time to myself in the late afternoon and early evening hours.  It’s nothing personal.  Thank you all for your understanding.  Of course, we will continue to remain friends for a long time, whether or not I am a true “introvert.”  Sometimes, I’m proud to say that I am an “introvert.”  I like you guys a lot, but I need some time to myself so I can talk to you guys both online and in person.

Enjoy your day, my friends!

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Joseph’s Moment Of Peace: Joseph’s little vacuum cleaner!

Now, just last month, I wrote a blog post entitled “Joseph’s New Vacuum Cleaner.”  In it, I told you about the cleaner itself, but, now, in this blog post, I’m going to tell you why this little vacuum cleaner, which is from Turtle Wax, relaxes me considerably.  It relaxes me a lot because it allows me to pick up little messes with ease.  I could probably use it all day, if I could.

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Our new bathroom is one year old!

One year ago today, I started using our new bathroom for the first time.  Before that, we were remodeling it for several days … and, during that tie, I had to use the restroom downstairs … and I had to brush my teeth in our kitchen.  I really like our new bathroom … and I will be using it many more times for at least another year.

This is Joseph’s new bathroom. It has now been in our house for one year. It seems like it was just remodeled yesterday.
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I see some little white clouds inside of a big grey cloud!

On June 23, 2018, I saw some little white clouds inside of some grey clouds … and the clouds were right above our house!

I was taking my walk on June 23, 2018 … and, while I was outdoors, I happened to see a big grey cloud in the sky … and I saw some two little white clouds inside of the grey clouds.  The clouds just happened to be above our house whenever I saw them.  I took a photo of those clouds while I saw them … and you can see it above this blog post.

I also saw some wavy clouds in the sky whenever I snapped the photo.  You never know which kinds of clouds I may see next.  They may look interesting.

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Joseph’s New Vacuum Cleaner

Nearly two weeks ago, I purchased an exciting vacuum cleaner at the T.J. Maxx store in Bridgeville.  Now, this is not your ordinary vacuum cleaner.  It’s actually a small vacuum cleaner … and it’s one that actually fits in the palm of your hand!  This vacuum cleaner is from Turtle Wax, which is the company that makes cleaning products for automobiles.

I have been able to use my vacuum cleaner every day since I got it … and it actually picks up little messes all over the house.  Yesterday, I made a 15-second video of myself using the vacuum cleaner in my “computer room” … and you can find it on my social media sites.

I snapped two photos of this product.

Now, next month, I will talk about this vacuum cleaner in one of my blog’s features … and, in it, I will tell you why this product is able to relax me in a big way.

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My 888th Blog Post Is About The Number 8

Happy Memorial Day, my friends!  Today, I’m writing my 888th blog post down … and, today, it will be about the number 8.  I will tell you some rather interesting things about the number 8 … and I will try to use the number 8 in the things that I’m talking about here.

The current year is 2018.

One of my favorite routes in the Pittsburgh area is Route 978, which is located in my part of Allegheny County.

For the past few weeks, I was able to watch channel 208 for about 90 minutes on certain evenings.  I needed a way to unwind after going through some tough days.

I started my blog on the eighth month of a year, which would be August.  I started it in August of 2014.  August, of course, is the eighth month of the year.

Depending on my mood, I usually do my best to wind down during the 8:00 hour on certain evenings.  I will watch a program during that hour, if I’m up to it.

Whenever I gave my computer some “vacation time,” I will usually do it for eight days at a time.

My part of National Hill has eight other houses, which are all very unique in many ways.  We actually have nine houses in my part of the neighborhood, but I do like to give praise to the eight other houses, which are located in my part of National Hill.

In the past, I would sometimes work eight hours a week at my local T.J. Maxx store, but, in recent years, I would just work four hours a week at the store.  I really like it.

So, there you have it.  I was able to give you eight interesting facts about the number 8 that I think are interesting to me.  It was the subject of my 888th blog post.

Enjoy your day!

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Old Man Winter Keeps Returning To National Hill!

It may be the middle of April, but, today, it didn’t feel like it at all.  It also didn’t look like the middle of April outdoors.  Just a few days ago, we had a little taste of summer here on National Hill … and, sadly, today, we had another taste of Winter here on National Hill.  Old Man Winter gave us a break over the weekend, but, sadly, he came back here yesterday … and he’s still on National Hill today.  Hopefully, Old Man Winter will be able to leave National Hill tomorrow … and, hopefully, he can stay away from National Hill for a few months or so.  My fingers are crossed.  Enjoy your day, even though it’s cold outside!

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The final resting places of my late pets

Yesterday, I marked the three-year anniversary of the death of my bulldog, Piglet, by showing you photos of my bulldog.  I also showed you her pink stone and her urn.

Today, I’m going to show you the final resting places of my late pets … and their names are Piglet, who was my bulldog, and Beau, who was my white shaggy dog.

First, I’m going to show you Piglet’s urn.  I also included it in a blog post that I wrote down two years ago.  It was about the first anniversary of Piglet’s death … and it was also my 350th blog post.

This is my 350th blog post … and I’m dedicating it to Piglet.

Second, I’d like to show you Beau’s final resting place.  It’s very close to our backyard.  I sometimes visit it whenever I take my walks outdoors.  I also talked about it in one of my blog posts.  I wrote it down back in September of 2016 … and it was in one of my blog’s features, which is called “Joseph’s Moment Of Peace.”

This is Beau’s grave site. Beau was a dog … and he passed away over two decades ago.

I will remember most of these dogs for a long time.  As soon as the weather starts to get warmer, I will visit their final resting places … and I will say hello to them.

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I saw more dark grey clouds in the skies above Cuddy today!

On October 24, 2017, I saw some dark grey clouds in the skies above Cuddy and National Hill. They are also building a house near Old Oakdale Road.

At around 11:30 this morning, I was looking out a window at my house … and I happened to see a lot of dark grey clouds in the skies above both National Hill and Cuddy.  I also saw a few light grey clouds in the sky as well … and I saw a couple of blue holes in the sky also.  The sky was mostly grey at the time.

Also, they are building a new house near Old Oakdale Road … and most of those dark grey clouds were spotted right above the new house.

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This is our new bathroom!

Part_1 (1)
Our new bathroom is located right behind our new bathroom door.

You’re probably wondering why I have a picture of our new bathroom door in this blog post.  Well, in this blog post, I’m gonna talk about our new bathroom … and it can be found right behind our new bathroom door.  I’m trying to build a little suspense for you guys here.

Without further ado, let me show you our new bathroom.  We have been remodeling it for about 2 1/2 weeks … and, today, I’d like you guys to see it for yourselves.

We have new floors, new tiles, a new toilet and a new bath tub … and they can all be found in our new bathroom.

We have brand new tiles in the bathroom … and they’re bigger than our last tiles were.  Our floor is brand new … and we also have a new bathtub and a new toilet.

We also have a new sink … and we have a new medicine cabinet.

We also have a new sink … and we also have a brand new medicine cabinet.

We also have a new fan in there … and we have new lights in there as well.  We also have a brand-new shower as well.  We now have two showers in our home.  I will try to show you our new showers in a future blog post.

Tomorrow, I will write my 675th blog post down.