Joseph Spends The Evening At Bubba’s Burghers!

At 6:33 yesterday morning, I turned 32 years old … and, just less than 11 hours later, I went to Bubba’s Burghers, which is located in South Fayette, with my relatives.  I spent one hour at the restaurant last evening … and I really like it a lot.

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I really enjoyed myself while I was there.  I got myself a Bacon Ranch Burgher while I was there.  I asked the waitress to leave off certain things on the sandwich … and, sadly, they didn’t do that, but I was still able to eat most of the sandwich yesterday evening.

While I was at Bubba’s Burghers on May 1, 2018, I got a Bacon Ranch Burgher. I was able to eat most of it. It looks good, I think.

Today is my first complete day as a 32-year-old gentleman.  So far, my 32nd year on Earth is going fairly well.  Enjoy your day!


“Mr. Classy” Goes To Pittsburgh Again!

On March 14, 2018, “Mr. Classy” was able to spend a few hours in Pittsburgh … and he really enjoyed his trip to that city.  Well, on April 4, 2018, “Mr. Classy” was able to take another trip to Pittsburgh.  Again, he enjoyed himself while he was in the Steel City.  Last time, it was cold and windy … and, this time, it was cold and windy again.

Mr. Classy’s first stop was Brooks Brother, which is located on Smithfield Street in Downtown Pittsburgh.  He didn’t go inside of the store.  He just stood outside of the store for a few minutes.

On April 4, 2018, “Mr. Classy” stood in front of Brooks Brothers, which is located near Smithfield Street in Downtown Pittsburgh.

He then spent some time in Shadyside.  Some of those places include Panera Bread and a bus stop, which is located near a local hair salon.

He then went to Burlington Coat Factory, which is located on Smithfield Street in Downtown Pittsburgh.

On April 4, 2018, “Mr. Classy” went to Burlington Coat Factory, which is located in Downtown Pittsburgh.

He also spent some time on The North Shore.  He was able to walk past PNC Park, which hosted the Pirates’ home opener two days earlier … and then, he had lunch with his relatives at The Clark Bar and Grille, which is located near PNC Park.

On April 4, 2018, “Mr. Classy” walked past PNC Park, which is located on The North Shore.
He also ate lunch at The Clark Bar and Grille, which is located near PNC Park, on April 4, 2018.

Then, at around 12:30 that afternoon, “Mr. Classy” was able to spend a few minutes at Fifth Avenue Place, which is located on Stanwix Street in Downtown Pittsburgh.

As you can see here, “Mr. Classy” enjoyed himself while he was in Pittsburgh, even though it was cold outside.  Hopefully, he will go there again soon.

I hope you guys like this blog post as much as I do.  Enjoy your day!

Joseph may eat one of Bubba’s “Burghers” on his birthday this year!

Last week, I told you guys the name of the restaurant that I would be going to on my 32nd birthday, which will be on May 1st.  The name of the restaurant is … Bubba’s Gourmet Burghers And Beer, which is located in South Fayette.  I have gone there with my relatives back in August of 2014, just days after I started this blog.  This is not the first time that I have eaten here.  It will be the second time that I will be able to eat at this restaurant.  Who knows?  I may get one of Bubba’s “Burghers” while I’m there, but I’m not sure yet.  I may get something interesting while I’m there.  The restaurant is named after a local disc jockey named Bubba Snider, who does a show on Star 100.7 here in Pittsburgh.

Joseph Has A Question For You: Which restaurant should Joseph go to on his 32nd birthday?

On May 1st, I will be turning 32 years old … and, as you may have guessed, I would like to go to a fantastic restaurant on my birthday.  The restaurant should be in and around Bridgeville.  Let me ask you a question about that today.

Here’s the question … which restaurant should Joseph go to on his 32nd birthday?

I will give you a choice of five restaurants … and you are not allowed to come up with your own suggestions.

Bubba’s Gourmet Burghers And Beer In South Fayette
Wild Rosemary In Upper St. Clair
31 Sports Bar And Grille In Collier Township
Piccolina’s In Upper St. Clair
Cucina Bella In Bridgeville

I will give you guys my decision in a blog post in just a few days.

Joseph went to The Lions Den Cafe!

I have lived in or around Cuddy my entire life.  I have also ridden past a place that’s been located at the corner of Millers Run Road and Battle Ridge Road in Cuddy many times for a long time.  It has been called many things over the years, including a gas station, and, recently, it’s actually a little cafe.  I actually went to this place earlier today.  The place has been there for more than a year or so.  The name of the place is the Lions Den Cafe.  The place is fantastic.  I got myself a Chicken Parmesan Panini while I was there.  I ate half of it after I came home from that restaurant … and I plan on eating the other half of it tomorrow.  Now, I won’t show you my Chicken Parmesan Panini in this blog post, but I may do that in my next blog post; however, I will show you the two selfies that I took while I was at that place today.

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If you guys ever go through Cuddy, you should try to visit The Lions Den Cafe yourselves.  The place is fantastic … and the food is also fantastic!

I haven’t seen you in 10 years!

Yesterday morning, at around 10:30, I went to Bob Evans with a few of my relatives.  As I was leaving the restaurant, I was walking past the restaurant’s side door … and, as I was peaking through that door, someone was standing in there.  I was a little bit stunned whenever this occurred.  Then I would open up the door … and I would see one of my old teachers, who was standing near that door.  I had not seen this person since I left South Fayette High School as a student back in the summer of 2007.  I may have seen a photo of this person online from time to time, but I had not seen this person in person since 2007.  We were able to talk for a few minutes yesterday morning.  Now, let me tell you who that person was.  The person’s name is … Victor Iagnemma.

Should Joseph go to the Rumfish Grille in the future?

The Rumfish Grille is located in Bridgeville … and it’s in Great Southern Shopping Center. Sometimes, if I get to my workplace early enough, I might be able to walk past it before I go to my workplace. The place looks fantastic … and I’ve been wanting to go there many times in recent years. I don’t know if I actually want to go there, though, but I may go there in the future.

I’m gonna ask you guys a poll question today … and it’s about the Rumfish Grille.

Let’s Talk About A Past Blog Post: Straight Outta Cuddy

Back in September of 2016, I wrote an interesting blog post entitled “Straight Outta Cuddy.”

In that blog post, I talked about a friend that I bumped into after being friends with me on Facebook for over two years.  I had not bumped into this person before … until last September.  The person’s name is Chuck Lazzini.  He’s from Cuddy, just like me … and he is also one of my blog’s followers.  I also bumped into his wife while I was at the Iron Creek Bar and Grille back on September 10, 2016.

Here’s a link to the blog post …
Straight Outta Cuddy

Joseph was in Imperial today!

For as long as I can remember, I have been able to ride along Route 30 on various occasions with my friends and my relatives.  I have probably done that hundreds of times in my lifetime … and I would sometimes pass a place that I had almost never heard of … until now.  The name of the place is Cole’s Pub.  It is located on Route in the middle of Imperial … and the place is fantastic.  I was able to go there with two of my relatives earlier today … and I really liked the restaurant.  The food is great … and the service is fantastic.

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