Joseph’s Flashback: Joseph remembers Callahan’s

For many years, there was a part of Great Southern Shopping Center that was home to many different places, including a disco-style nightclub called V.I.P., a terrific restaurant called Face’s and a terrific sports pub called Callahan’s, which is the restaurant that I’ll be talking about in today’s blog post.

I went to this place with my relatives many times whenever I was younger.  They had games there, they had little TV sets at every booth and, of course, they had great food there.  The service there was fantastic, as well.  I liked this place a lot … and I will remember this place for a long time.

After Callahan’s left the shopping center, it was called one or two other things … and, when it burned to the ground in 2006, it was called Crazy Horse Saloon.  Bentley’s Banquet Hall was also in the same part of the shopping center as Callahan’s.  At times, I were able to see parts of the banquet hall while I walked through Callahan’s itself.

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Joseph’s Flashback: Joseph meets a member of the “Jeopardy!” Clue Crew

This year, “Jeopardy!” is celebrating its 35th season on television … and WPXI, the NBC affiliate here in Pittsburgh, has aired the game show almost every evening at 7:00 for 31 years.  It has also aired in various other time slots as well over the years.

Now, the game show has some people who are part of its “Clue Crew” … and, back in September of 2005, while I was seeing the MDA Telethon in person at Monroeville Mall, I got to meet one of the members of the “Clue Crew.”  His name is Jimmy McGuire, who, like me, hails from the Pittsburgh area.  I was able to snap a photo with him while I was seeing the event in person.  I really had fun at the MDA Telethon.

In 2005, I met Jimmy McGuire, who is a member of the “Jeopardy!” Clue Crew, while I was watching the MDA Telethon in person at Monroeville Mall.

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I bumped into two people at Kohl’s recently!

Over the years, I have been able to bump into some very interesting people whenever I would go to various places in the Pittsburgh area … and, last Wednesday, I was able to bump into two people while I was at Kohl’s.  At around 10:00 a.m. on April 18th, I went to the Kohl’s store in Robinson Township … and, while I was there, I bumped into two people.  Those people are Sharon Hohn and Charlene Josey.  I did snap selfies whenever I bumped into these people … and those photos will appear below this blog post.  I guess you could say I got “two for the price of one” that day.  (No pun intended.)

On April 18, 2018, I bumped into two of my friends while I was at the Kohl’s store in Robinson Township … and Sharon Hohn is one of those people.
On April 18, 2018, I went to the Kohl’s store in Robinson Township … and, while I was there, I bumped into two of my friends … and Charlene Josey is one of those people.

You just never know who you will bump into whenever you go somewhere!

Good-bye, Bridgeville K-Mart

Yesterday was a somewhat bittersweet day for me.  Late yesterday afternoon, after being in Bridgeville for more than 42 years, K-Mart shut its doors in that town for the last time.  It had been in the Chartiers Valley Shopping Center, which is located in Collier Township, since August of 1975.  I have a lot of memories of me going to that store on a regular basis.  I visited that store for the last time back in February of this year.

I bought a lot of interesting items in that store … and I would sometimes eat my meals in the store’s restaurant as well.  I would usually go there with my relatives … and, sometimes, I would be there for long periods of time.  The store was fantastic … and I will miss shopping there on a regular basis.

Now, I don’t usually include web links in my blog posts, but since this is a rather unique moment for me, I will include one in this blog post.  I’d like to show you an ad for this K-Mart store, which is from August of 1975.  That was the first day that the K-Mart store operated in Bridgeville.

Here’s the link …
The K-Mart store in Bridgeville opened up their doors for the first time! (August 28, 1975)

I will remember this store for a long time … and I will miss it very much.  Good-bye, Bridgeville K-Mart.

Bridgeville K-Mart (August 28, 1975 – April 8, 2018)

Joseph’s Persistence Has Finally Paid Off!

For as long as I can remember, I have been friends to a classy person named Shawn Landy.  We both went to South Fayette High School together in the 2000s.  In recent years, I have made several efforts to bump into him in person, but, sadly, I would end up failing to do so.  I do talk to him on my social media sites regularly … and I occasionally send him text messages on my smartphone.  We have talked to each other on the video-chatting features on both Google Hangouts and Messenger.  I would be able to talk to him face-to-face without actually bumping into him in person.

Now, yesterday afternoon, at around 12:30 or so, I would finally be able to bump into Shawn in a public place … and, in this case, it was in the Sears store, which is at South Hills Village.  As you might have guessed, we actually wore our leather jackets at the same time … and we actually did that on Google Hangouts at around this time last year.

On December 10, 2017, I finally bumped into my friend, Shawn Landy, at the Sears store in the South Hills. We were both wearing our leather jackets at the time.

As you can see here, my persistance has finally paid off!

I saw some clouds above a shopping center recently!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, yesterday, I told you about the classy jacket that I purchased at T.J. Maxx a few days ago.  Well, I actually purchased it on August 18, 2017 … and, just moments after I purchased the jacket, I walked over to the Dollar Tree store for a couple of minutes.  While I was sitting outside of the store, I was able to see some nice-looking clouds in the skies above the Great Southern Shopping Center in Bridgeville … and I snapped two photos of those clouds on a Friday afternoon.  There were all kinds of clouds in the sky at that time.  They were very nice to look at.

Joseph will be pretty busy this April (Part 1)

As we get ready to wrap up the month of March, I’d like to write a two-part blog post about the things that I will be doing during the month of April.  I will be getting ready to celebrate my 30th birthday in one form or another in April.

In the first part of this blog post, I’m gonna talk about some of the items that I might be buying for myself for my 30th birthday this year.  I have a little bit of everything on it.  Now, I can’t tell you specifically what’s on that list, but let’s just say that my shopping list has clothes, DVDs and other interesting gifts on it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to buy most of the things that are on my list.  I will also be buying some party supplies for my 30th birthday as well next month.

Tomorrow, in the second part of this blog post, I’m gonna tell you about the big blog posts that I will be writing during the month of April.  Again, it will have a little bit of everything in them.

Joseph’s Road To His 30th Birthday: Joseph’s 23rd Year On Earth

Back in the summer of 2008, I went to the Boscov’s stores at both South Hills Village and Monroeville Mall.  Both are those stores were going out of business back then.

I purchased my Preswick and Moore leather jacket at the Boscov’s store inside of South Hills Village.  I still have the jacket today … and I wear it whenever I can.

This is my black leather jacket. I bought it at a Boscov’s store back in 2008. The jacket is from Preswick and Moore.

Several weeks after I purchased the jacket at that Boscov’s store, I went to the Boscov’s store at Monroeville Mall.  I don’t think I bought anything there, but I did look around in there for several minutes.  I was actually watching the MDA Telethon at the mall … and I just felt like going to that store, that’s all.

I went to the two Pittsburgh-area Boscov’s stores that are now gone back in the summer of 2008. One was at South Hills Village … and the other one was at Monroeville Mall … and you can see it here in this picture. I still miss going to these Boscov’s stores regularly.

Joseph’s Road To His 30th Birthday: Joseph’s 16th Year On Earth

A lot of interesting things occurred during my 16th year on Earth … and it’s hard to pick just one thing for me to talk about in this blog post.  Let’s just say that the 2001 fall season was an eventful fall season for me.  I did several things back then … and one of the things that I did back then was go to the Mall at Robinson on the day that it opened, which was October 26, 2001.  I went there with my aunt and my great-grandmother.  It quickly became one of my favorite malls ever.  I have visited this mall with my relatives with my relatives and possibly with my friends many times since then.

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