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Joseph’s Flashback: Joseph used to watch WQEX a long time ago!

For a few years, Pittsburgh had two public television stations … and they are WQED, which is still Pittsburgh’s public television station, and WQEX, which is now WINP, our city’s ION Television station.  Now, WQEX was on Channel 16 here in Pittsburgh for a number of years … and they aired some fantastic programs, including British sitcoms, shows that weren’t on WQED’s schedule because Channel 13 had no room for them on its schedule and a fantastic show called “AgeWise Weekly” with Eleanor Schano.

Now, in the ’90s, I would sometimes watch WQEX mainly out of boredom.  I would watch some fantastic shows on channel 16, including a fishing show called “Rod and Reel Streamside.”  Now, I also remember some of WQEX’s IDs that they showed in the ’90s.  At least one of them spooked me a little bit, but I think it was pretty neat.  I also remember the music that went with it.  I watch that channel before it started simulcasting WQED for a few years.  After Channel 16 stopped simulcasting Channel 13, it became an affiliate of two different shopping channels, including America’s Store and ShopNBC, which is now ShopHQ.  That is on Comcast Channel 89.  Nowadays, it is an ION Television station … and it is WINP.  WINP is mainly a generic ION station, showing a legal ID at the top of every hour.

Finally, it was airing its programs in black and white as late as the mid 1980s.  From the late ’50s until 1985, it used the old WENS transmitter to air its programs.  Now, WENS was originally on channel 16 back in the 1950s … and, believe it or not, the station had its studios on Ivory Avenue, which is where WPGH and WPNT have their operations today.  I recently saw a video on YouTube … and it showed how WQEX aired its programs in black and white before 1985.  The video was from 1983 … and, three years later, it finally started airing its shows in color.

So, while WQEX has been gone for several years, I can still remember the station for a long time.  WQEX was (and still is) one of the best stations in Pittsburgh.

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Joseph Is Not Watching PCNC Anymore

We are already one week into the year 2020 and the 2020s … and some parts of the new year and the new decade have not been good to me, especially when it comes to the shows and channels that I watch on a daily basis.  On New Year’s Day, I was not able to watch PCNC after being able to do so for the last three or four years or so.  It was on Comcast Channel 35 for a few years or so.  For a few days or so, a message appeared on a black screen while I was able to watch Channel 35 for, maybe, a “split second” or so … and, on Monday, the channel officially disappeared from our cable lineup.  Since I’m not able to watch PCNC anymore, I now have to change my weekday viewing habits a little bit.  In the mornings, I will watch The Hallmark Channel and CNN … and, in the afternoons and the early evening hours, I will watch just CNN.  That may be a good thing for me in this case, because, later this year, CNN will celebrate its 40th anniversary on the air.  CNN is on Comcast Channel 32.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to watch PCNC in one form or another in another location at some point this year, but, until then, I won’t be able to do so in my own home.

Just so you know, PCNC is short for Pittsburgh Cable News Channel … and CNN is short for Cable News Network.

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Vanna hosted “Wheel of Fortune” alone last night!

37 years ago this week, on December 13, 1982, Vanna White and Pat Sajak started doing “Wheel of Fortune” together.  At the time, the game show aired on NBC Daytime … and the current syndicated version of the show would premiere a few months later on September 19, 1983.  Now, Pat would actually host the show while Vanna would show us the letters that were in the puzzle board.  Now, if you were watching “Wheel of Fortune” last evening on your local station, you may have noticed something a little bit different.  Vanna was hosting the show alone while Pat was recovering from surgery.  Now, Vanna will host the show alone for the next few days … and, then, as we start both a new year and a new decade, things will be back to normal again.

Now, this will not be the first time that Vanna has hosted the show instead of Pat.  In 1996, she hosted the last few minutes of an episode of the show while Pat had laryngitis.  I don’t usually watch the show by myself, but since last night’s episode of the show was a rather interesting one, I decided to watch the first few minutes of the show on WPXI, which is the station that has been carrying “Wheel of Fortune” in Pittsburgh for more than 30 years.  I just watched the first round of the show yesterday evening … and, in my opinion, Vanna did a fantastic job in hosting the program.  Yes, Pat also does a fantastic job in hosting “Wheel of Fortune.”

So, as the next few days go by, we’ll see how the show goes as Vanna fills in for Pat for the next few days or so.  The show will still be fun to watch, nonetheless.  Yes, she also hosted the version of the game that you would play on CD-ROMs … and I remember seeing her host that version of “Wheel of Fortune” several years ago.

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Joseph Recovers From His Oral Surgery

On November 26, 2019, I got two of my upper teeth removed at the oral surgeon’s office in Peters Township, which is in Washington County.  The procedure went very well.  I slept through the surgery.  They put tubes in my nose … and the oxygen went through the tubes.  I also got an IV unit placed inside of my right arm.  They also put certain things on my chest so they could monitor my breathing and my vital signs during my oral surgery.  I fell asleep after my put those things on me and in me.  It took me a while to wake up after the surgery was over.  I don’t even remember leaving the building that the oral surgeon’s office is housed in.  I had some help getting out of that office, though.  I woke up inside of the car after I left the oral surgeon’s office.

After I left the oral surgeon’s office late that morning, I went home and I spent the rest of the day recovering in our two bedrooms.  I started recovering in my bedroom … and, then, about two hours later, I went into another bedroom, where the TV was.  I was able to watch CNN for hours while I was recovering in one of our two bedrooms.  At around 7:00 that evening, I went back into my bedroom … and I stayed in there for the next nine hours or so.  I was back on my feet again the next morning … and, over the next few days, I would start eating more solid foods after taking in mostly liquids just hours after I had my surgery.  I would just eat mainly soft foods at first … and then, I would start eating hard foods again whenever I was able to do so.  I wanted to ease back into them again.  Now, as of today, I’m eating all kinds of foods again.

Of course, I may need false teeth for my upper teeth as early as next year … and I will talk about it in a blog post later this month.

Enjoy your day!

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Is 4:30 a.m. too early to watch a newscast?

Since July of 1982, Pittsburgh has had a morning newscast of some kind on at least one of its TV stations.  Now, these are the newscasts that air before the network’s morning programs air.  Newscasts would air at various times between 4:30 and 7 in the morning … and they would air for either one hour, 90 minutes, two hours or 2 1/2 hours.

WTAE gave us Pittsburgh’s first early morning newscast in ’82, but they aired it in two 15-minute blocks.  They aired at 6:15 and 6:45 in the morning … and they were shown during ABC’s “World News This Morning.”  WPXI gave us our city’s first complete 30-minute newscast in October of 1986.  It aired from 6:30 until 7 in the morning back then.  KDKA would start an early morning newscast of its own in 1990 … and it was one hour long.  It aired from 6 until 7 in the morning.

Nowadays, all three of our local stations start their early morning newscasts at or around 4:30 on weekday mornings.  The 4:30 a.m. newscast first came to Pittsburgh in 2010.  In my opinion, I think it might be too early to watch a newscast at that time.  Then again, I’m always up just before that time … and I may watch bits and pieces of an early morning newscast on one of our local stations, if I’m up to it.

I hope you enjoyed my little history lesson in today’s blog post.  Pittsburgh has had early morning newscasts in one form or another for more than 37 years now.  So, maybe I will watch a morning newscast whenever I wake up tomorrow morning.

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Joseph Likes “The Brady Bunch!”

50 years ago today, “The Brady Bunch” premiered on television for the first time.  In honor of this special milestone, I’d like to tell you about my experiences of being a fan of this classic TV show.  I would watch the show on Nick at Nite several nights a week whenever I was a teenager … and, then, I would watch it on various other cable TV channels for a few more years after that, including Hallmark Channel, TV Land and Me TV.  This show is one of the best shows of all time … and the show’s characters are all fantastic.

Currently, you can watch “The Brady Bunch” on Sundays from noon until 2 p.m. on Me TV.  You may see an episode that you really like at some point in that time frame.  Now, I don’t really have a favorite character on the show, but I do have a favorite episode of the show … and that would be “Greg Gets Grounded” from the show’s fourth season.  There’s one part of the show that I could relate to in a way.  About halfway through the show, Greg wants his parents to use “exact words” with him so that he would know exactly what they were saying … and, in my case, I would tell my relatives and my friends to use “exact words” with me since I’m autistic.  That’s because autistic people like myself want people to speak with them as clearly as possible, so I can relate to that part of “Greg Gets Grounded” in a big way.

So, today, I would like to wish “The Brady Bunch” a happy 50th anniversary!  Is there an episode of the show that you like … and do you have a favorite character on the show?  Leave a comment if you have a favorite “Brady Bunch” character and/or a favorite “Brady Bunch” episode.

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Joseph’s Moment Of Peace: Joseph’s Dusters

Today, I’m going to tell you about an item that relaxes me in a big way.  I have actually owned this item in one form or another for several days now.  I bought Swiffers Dusters at Big Lots a few days ago.  I was able to use them in my computer room whenever I had the chance to do so … and this item relaxes me in a big way.  You put a special duster on the yellow handle … and it really picks up the dust.  Then it locks the dust that I just picked up inside of the dusters.  Recently, I bought another box of Swiffer Dusters … and it has Febreze in the dusters.  There are 10 dusters in the box … and I previously bought a box of Swiffer Dusters not too long ago.  There were five of them in a box … and it had no scents in them.

Next time, I will give you a chance to revisit another one of my blog posts from my blog’s third year.  The post will be about one of my friends and I wrote it down in January of 2017.

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My fame actually lasted longer than one second!

During the second half of my blog’s fifth year, I will give you a chance to revisit some of my past blog posts. Today, I’m going to let you revisit a blog post from March of 2016.

Back in March of 2016, I went to the Home and Garden Show with a relative. It was at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Downtown Pittsburgh. Now, WPXI always talks about this event in one form or another in its newscasts during the month of March … and I just happened to walk past one of its cameras while I was looking at the exhibits upstairs. Now, little did I know, I would actually appear on WPXI’s newscasts not long after I walked in front of one of the station’s cameras. I didn’t see a red light on it or anything. I guess it must have been on whenever I walked past it. Whenever they showed the event the first time, I appeared on the station for about one second … and, then, when they showed it again a few days later, I was on there for about 5-10 seconds. I was on both WPXI and PCNC that month. I have appeared on WPXI before whenever they would do the MDA Telethon at either Monroeville Mall or the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills. I was putting money into their “fish bowl” whenever I appeared on Channel 11. I was on there several times back in the 2000s. Now, when I appeared on the MDA Telethon on WPXI, I spoke for a second or two … and, when I appeared on WPXI and PCNC three years ago, I said nothing. I guess you could say I have become a “local star” in some form.

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IMG_20160313_121755 On March 5, 2016, I went to the Home and Garden Show … and I happened to be walking past one of Channel 11’s cameras while I was at the show. Later that evening, I appeared on one of PCNC’s newscasts. Several days later, I appeared on Channel 11’s Sunday Morning newscast for a few seconds.

A few days ago, I appeared on one of PCNC’s newscasts for about one second while they were talking about the Home & Garden Show.  Well, one week later, they talked about it again on Channel 11’s Sunday Morning newscasts … and they showed a clip of me walking past one of their cameras … and I was actually on that newscast for about 5-10 seconds or so.  So, my fame actually lasted longer than one second.

Surprisingly, it’s not the first time that I appeared on Channel 11.  I actually appeared on their…

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I saw something neat on “CBS This Morning!”

At around 8:35 this morning, while I was watching the Saturday edition of “CBS This Morning,” I saw a “live shot” of Pittsburgh.  They were showing Heinz Field and the Fort Duquesne Bridge in this “live shot” … and, while they were doing that, I recognized those places almost immediately.  They usually show live shots of various cities before and after the commercial breaks … and I almost never see Pittsburgh in a “live shot,” but I was able to do that yesterday.  They almost always show the city and the city’s CBS station in the “live shot” … and they were able to show the word “Pittsburgh” and the call letters of our CBS station in the “live shot.”  How neat is that?  The CBS station in Pittsburgh is KDKA.

On March 9, 2019, at around 8:35 in the morning, I saw a “live shot” of both Heinz Field and the Fort Duquesne Bridge while I was watching the Saturday edition of “CBS This Morning.” I almost never get to see them show Pittsburgh in one of their “live shots” whenever I watch the show, but, yesterday morning, I was able to do just that. KDKA is Pittsburgh’s CBS station.

Next time, I will write my 1,075th blog post for you guys … and it will be about a local disc jockey.

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I saw five “threes” on television recently!

On March 1, 2019, at 3:33 in the afternoon, it was 33 degrees outside. I was watching PCNC whenever I snapped this photo.

This past Friday, while I was watching PCNC, I noticed that it was 33 degrees at 3:33 in the afternoon.  You don’t see stuff like this everyday, of course.  If I see something like this on TV, I may snap a photo of it, if I’m able to do so at the right time.

Next time, I will let you guys get another chance to revisit my first two blog posts, which were written on August 24, 2014.  I will show you my second post ever … and I will also show you a link to the first blog post that I wrote down on this blog.  I may throw in a surprise or two along the way.

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