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Joseph Goes To Waffle House!

On February 11, 2020, I went to Waffle House in the late morning hours with two of my relatives.  The Waffle House that I went to late that morning is located on Racetrack Road in North Strabane Township, which is in Washington County.  There are actually two Waffle House locations near Washington, PA.  The other one is located near the now-closed Washington Mall in South Strabane Township.

Now, I’d like to show you a photo of the outside part of Waffle House in North Strabane Township.

I went to Waffle House in North Strabane Township with two of my relatives on February 11, 2020. This is one of two Waffle House locations in and around Washington, PA. The other one is by the now-closed Washington Mall in South Strabane Township.

I had some breakfast items while I was there.  I had decaffeinated coffee, scrambled eggs, hash browns, white toast, sausage patties and, of course, a waffle while I was at Waffle House last Tuesday.  The food was fairly good, to say the least … and the service was fantastic.  We got our food items fairly quickly.

On February 11, 2020, while I was at Waffle House in North Strabane Township, I had decaffeinated coffee, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, white toast, hash browns and, of course, a waffle. The food there is fantastic.

I like Waffle House a lot … and I will go there again in the future.  Of course, I will try to go to the one that’s near the now-closed Washington Mall someday … and I will let you go if I go there.

I really enjoyed myself at Waffle House in North Strabane Township on February 11, 2020. I will be going there again in the future … and I may also go to the one that’s by Washington Mall in South Strabane Township in the future.
Exciting events Joseph Pratt's interests

This Is How Joseph Spent His Day Off From Work Recently

This past Friday, I took a personal day from work.  I asked for that day off.  I have been at Bridgeville T.J. Maxx as a “regular worker” for nearly 13 years … and even the best workers, if I can call myself one, has to take a day off in this manner.  Well, I don’t like to stay at home on Fridays, whether or not I have to work, so I was able to be out and about for about 3 1/2 hours or so this past Friday.  I was out and about from around 9:45 in the morning until around 1:30 in the afternoon.

I went to both South Hills Village and Village Square in the South Hills this past Friday.  I went to both of those malls with my grandmother.  Our first stop was Macy’s.  I explored all three floors of the store while I was there.  They have a lot of neat things there, including Lens Crafters, Sunglass Hut, Finish Line, a hair salon and Macy’s Backstage.  Macy’s Backstage is like T.J. Maxx in several ways.  Like T.J. Maxx, they have fantastic items at fairly low prices.  While I was walking around the store’s first floor, I noticed that they also had a little coffee shop near one of the store’s entrances.  I had never noticed it there before … and I think they may have put it there recently.

At around 11:15 that morning, I went to the food court at South Hills Village.  I went to Noodles and Company while I was there.  I had Wisconsin-style Mac and Cheese and Chicken Noodle Soup while I was at that restaurant.  I also had a bottle of water while I was there.

Then, after lunch, I went to American Greetings, which is located near the entrance to the food court.  That store is closing its doors there in the near future.  I personally like the Hallmark store better … and that store is on the second floor of the mall … and it’s near the entrance to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

At around noon time, we went over to Village Square … and we spent a few minutes at Kohl’s.  I really enjoyed myself while I was at Kohl’s.  Now, while I was over by the registers that are by the store’s back entrance, someone said “Joseph” into the phone that was in the department that I was in at that store.  It kind of spooked me.  Maybe the phone knew who I was.

Before my special day off from work ended that afternoon, I went back over to Macy’s at South Hills Village … and I was able to spend a few short minutes in that store.

So, overall, I had a fantastic day off from work.  I will be going back to work again at around 10:00 on Friday morning.  It will be my first day there in two weeks.  After all, I have to use my personal hours sparingly.

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Joseph Visits Crazy Horse Coffee (Part 2)

In the second part of this two-part blog post, I will tell you about Crazy Horse Coffee in general since I was not able to visit that place today.  Of course, I was not able to meet the owner of the coffee shop, who is a former veteran named James Bendel.

The coffee shop is located in Park Place Shopping Center, which is located on Route 19 near Washington, PA.  It’s a relatively small coffee shop … and it’s really nice, nonetheless.  They have a few tables in the coffee shop … and they have coffee, snacks and some breakfast sandwiches there.  They also have coffee cups and T-shirts there.  They have a little room in the back, but it can only be used for certain occasions.

All in all, this place is fantastic … and, hopefully, I can go there again in the future.

This is Crazy Horse Coffee, which is located near Washington, PA. It looks fantastic on the outside.

Next time, I will give you a chance to revisit a post from my blog’s fourth year … and it will be from May of 2018.  Then, on Thursday, I will write my 1,150th blog post … and it will be about a shirt that I purchased at T.J. Maxx recently.

In honor of my blog’s fifth year, I’d like to show you five blog posts that I wrote down on or around June 25th in previous years …
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What does Joseph Pratt do on a typical weekday?

As you probably know, I work at the T.J. Maxx store on Bridgeville from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. once a week. I usually work there on either a Monday or a Friday. I do various things at that store. Whenever I’m not working at the store on those days, I usually do some interesting things at home. My typical schedule during the week is pretty much the same every day. With that in mind, I’m going to tell you what I do on a typical weekday.

4:30 a.m.: I wake up in the morning.
4:30 to 5 a.m.: I relax in front of my television set.
5 a.m. to 7:15 a.m.: I do some serious things on my computer, like check my social media sites, visit some interesting websites and watch and listen to some videos on YouTube.
Approximately 6:15 a.m.: Eat breakfast and take a vitamin.
7:15 a.m. to 8 a.m.: Relax and watch something interesting on demand.
8 a.m. to noon: Watch shows that I missed the night before on demand … and if I have time, I will watch an interesting show on demand.
10:30 a.m.: Eat lunch.
Noon to 12:30 p.m.: Watch the news and check the mail in my mailbox.
12:30 to 2:15 p.m.: Watch more shows on demand. (On some days, I will watch Channel 190 from 12:30 to 12:50 p.m. … and then I will watch a show on demand from 12:50 to 1:50 p.m. After that, I will relax until 2:15 p.m.)
2:15 to 2:30 p.m.: Relax for a few minutes.
2:30 to 4:50 p.m.: I do more serious things on my computer, like check my social media sites, visit some of my favorite websites and watch and listen to some videos on YouTube.
Approximately 3:40 p.m.: Eat dinner.
4:50 to 7 p.m.: Watch some relaxing videos on YouTube. (If the weather is nice, I will also walk around National Hill from 4:50 to 5:10 p.m.)
7 to 8:30 p.m.: Relax in the living room, eat a snack and drink a cup of decaffeinated green tea.
8:30 p.m.: Go to bed.

In tomorrow’s blog post, I will tell you the things that I do on a typical weekend.