Old Man Winter Keeps Returning To National Hill!

It may be the middle of April, but, today, it didn’t feel like it at all.  It also didn’t look like the middle of April outdoors.  Just a few days ago, we had a little taste of summer here on National Hill … and, sadly, today, we had another taste of Winter here on National Hill.  Old Man Winter gave us a break over the weekend, but, sadly, he came back here yesterday … and he’s still on National Hill today.  Hopefully, Old Man Winter will be able to leave National Hill tomorrow … and, hopefully, he can stay away from National Hill for a few months or so.  My fingers are crossed.  Enjoy your day, even though it’s cold outside!

Joseph’s Classy Pullover

For several years now, I have owned a black pullover top from The North Face.  I don’t wear it very often, but I really like it a lot.  I could wear this top all day long, if I wanted to … and I have done it a few times over the years.

This top is very classy … and it’s also perfect for a classy person like myself.  You can wear it with either slacks, jeans or shorts.

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The snow is slowly melting away!

Now, last week, as we were starting the 2018 Spring season, we actually got several inches of snow!  Over the past few days or so, the snow has been melting slowly, but surely here on National Hill.

I was actually walking outdoors this afternoon … and I noticed that the people who live on Cuddy Hill don’t have any snow on the ground while we still have a lot of snow at our house.  In fact, a few houses on National Hill still have snow on their properties as well.

Today, I’d like to show you the snow that is still at our house, just days after we got a snow storm.

There is still some snow in our backyard. I’m pointing to it in this photo.
There is a lot of snow near our house! There’s also snow on the chairs that are in our backyard.

As you can see here, while many other people in our little town have almost no snow on our properties, we have a lot of snow on our property, but, of course, it will all be gone soon.  Hopefully, the snow won’t return to National Hill for a while.

The seasons got mixed up this week!

Yesterday afternoon, at 12:15, Spring started for real.  So far, it hasn’t felt like Spring, but, of course, it will eventually feel like it again.  On Monday, while it was still Winter, it sort of felt like Spring.  I was able to walk outdoors a few times on that day.  Since Spring started yesterday afternoon, it has felt like Winter.  In fact, just before I went to bed last night, it started to snow outside … and, whenever I woke up early this morning, I saw a lot of snow near our house.

Let me put it this way, just in case I may have confused you guys.  On Monday, we were saying good-bye to Winter … and it felt like Spring outside.  Then, yesterday, we said hello to Spring … and it actually felt like Winter outside.  Of course, as you know, anything can happen while we go outdoors.  You never know which season it will be.

Yesterday was a record-filled day on National Hill!

You might not know this, but I sometimes love to talk about records.  No, not the things that feature some of our favorite songs, but the records that are sometimes set by various people or things.  Last year at around this time, my blog set two new records in a single week … and, yesterday, it was literally a record-filled day in my neighborhood.  Here on National Hill, we set two new weather records in one day … and both of those records were over 100 years old.

We set the first record of the day late yesterday morning.  The old record high was 68, which was from 1891, and we easily got up into the 70s before the morning was over.

After we set the first record, I walked to our mailbox … and, after I came back from the mailbox, I snapped a photo of some clouds, which were in the skies above Cuddy.  There were grey clouds in the sky … and there were some wavy clouds in the sky as well.

On February 20, 2018, while I was outdoors, I snapped a photo of some clouds, which were located in the skies above Cuddy.

A few hours after we set the first record yesterday, we set another one.  At around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, the temperature was 78 … and it would become the warmest February day in our city’s history.  It also prompted me to take my first evening walk around National Hill this year.  It went very well … and I saw some familiar faces outdoors.

On February 20, 2018, I took my first evening walk of the year. It was very warm while I was taking my walk then. Of course, I will take many more of my evening walks later this year.

Spring doesn’t officially start for another month or so, but it certainly felt like it yesterday.  Enjoy your day, my friends!

Joseph Has A Question For You: What should Joseph do this Winter?

Winter will be here in just a few weeks.  The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder.  Of course, that means I won’t be able to go outdoors too many more times for a while.  I need to come up with some things that I can do indoors this Winter.

So, let me ask you this question … what should Joseph do this Winter?  I will do my best to have some fun this Winter.

Enjoy your day, my friends!

I’m ready to wear my Pirates coat again!

I have a Pirates coat in my “computer room.”  I purchased it at South Hills Village earlier this year … and I’ve worn it several times since I purchased it.  I haven’t been able to wear it too much because it has been too warm for me to do so, but I was able to wear it indoors for a couple of minutes this morning.  It was actually cold enough for me to do just that.  The baseball season officially ended yesterday … and now, I’m getting myself ready to wear my Pirates coat again.  I have been wearing my Pirates jerseys, my Pirates shorts and my Pirates shirts for the past few weeks now.

On October 2, 2017, I wore my Pirates coat indoors for a few minutes. I’m looking forward to wearing it again soon.

Joseph’s Top Blog Posts About Coats

Now, in late July, you don’t normally see somebody talking about a Winter coat, but today, I’m actually gonna talk about my Winter coats.  In fact, I’m gonna tell you about some of my top blog posts, which are about my Winter coats.  I won’t be wearing them for a while since it will be very hot outside, but at least I can talk about them in today’s blog post.

My “pop-up” leather jacket (November 11, 2015)
I have a Pirates jacket! (January 8, 2017)
My leather jacket (January 28, 2015)
My new Steelers jacket (March 17, 2017)
My Claiborne jacket (February 19, 2016)

I actually received another Pirates coat earlier today … and I will be talking about it in a future blog post.  I don’t know when I’ll be wearing it yet.

Some of these top blog posts are full of snow!

We were supposed to have a snow storm here at our house today, but whenever I looked outside of my window this morning, I was able to see a lot of grass near our house.  We didn’t get the snow storm that we were supposed to get today, but we did get some snow today.

Today, I’d like to make it the theme of this blog post by telling you about some of my top snow-related blog posts ever.

Our little snow covered mountains (February 12, 2015)
Our two little snow-covered mountains … and a little extra thing for you to see (February 24, 2015)
I’ve decided to show you our third snow-covered mountain after all! (March 17, 2015)
Let me ask you a question about our snow-covered mountains today! (March 5, 2015)
A shovel ruined my snow-covered mountains! (March 7, 2015)
There was a THIRD snow-covered mountain in our backyard, too?!? (March 13, 2015)
Old Man Winter brings more snow to our property! (January 6, 2015)
Our snow-covered property (November 21, 2016)
Our backyard is now snow-free! (March 16, 2015)

Since we didn’t get a lot of snow today, I just figured that I would let you guys some of my top snow-related blog posts from the past 2 1/2 years.  Most of them are about the snow-covered mountains that we had in our backyard two years ago.

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