Joseph Is Seeing Tap That On The Outside!

On October 5, 2019, while I was mailing a letter at Cuddy Post Office, I was able to snap this photo of Tap That, which is located next to the post office in Cuddy. This is the outside of the building. Hopefully I can eat there in the near future.

Now, back in August of this year, the Iron Creek Bar and Grille, which was in Cuddy for nearly nine years, became a fairly classy restaurant called Tap That.  Now, I was not able to see the building in person until October 5, 2019, whenever I was mailing a letter outside of the Cuddy Post Office.  While I was standing outside of the post office, I was able to snap a photo of the building that Tap That has been housed in for the past two months.  Now, in the past, it has been called several different restaurants, including Mariani’s Italian Restaurant, Iron Creek Bar and Grille and Ferguson’s Pub.

Now, I went to this place whenever it was called the places that I just mentioned in this post … and, hopefully, I can go there as Tap That at some point in the near future.  If I do go there, I will try to snap a selfie while I’m there … and I will talk about my experiences of eating there in a future blog post.

So far, Tap That is a fantastic restaurant … and, by looking at the photos of the restaurant on Social Media, you can easily tell that they didn’t change it too much.  Sure, they may have painted a wall or two, but, the inside of the restaurant hasn’t really changed too much since the Iron Creek Bar and Grille left the building this past Summer.  I can’t wait to see the inside of the restaurant in person someday, but, for the time being, I will just show you what it looks like on the outside.


Joseph’s Flashback: I thought it was just a train ride!

In 1998, I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with my relatives … and I was able to visit the Magic Kingdom while I was there.  Now, I have ridden on train rides at various amusement parks for as long as I can remember … and I did see a train ride while I was at Disney World.  It’s called the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  The ride is in the Frontierland section of the Magic Kingdom.

Well, innocently enough, I go on what looks like a train ride, but not long after I get on the so-called “train ride,” I find out that I’m actually on a … roller coaster!  Can you believe that?!  Now, I had never ridden on a roller coaster in my life until then … and I have not ridden on one since I rode on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World 21 years ago.

Will I ride on another roller coaster again?  I don’t think so!

The clouds are all broken up here!

Last evening, at around 6:25, I took my 15-minute evening walk around National Hill … and, while I was taking my walk, I saw a lot of clouds in the skies above the neighborhood.  The sun looked like it was about to set as well.  Of course, the sun would set just minutes after I finished taking my walk.  After all, it is Autumn … and it’s starting to get dark earlier.

Well, anyway, I happened to notice that the clouds, which were mainly grey and dark grey, were broken up whenever I saw them.  I also saw a little “golden sky” while I was looking at the clouds.  I happened to snap a photo of those clouds while I took my walk … and you can see the photo below this post.

On October 8, 2019, while I was taking my evening walk around National Hill, I saw these clouds in the skies above my neighborhood. The clouds here are mainly dark grey and grey. The sun looked like it was getting ready to set whenever I snapped this photo … and it did set just minutes after I snapped this photo. You can see a golden sky near the bottom of the photo.

Joseph’s Green Volcom Shirt Is Full Of Class!

On October 7, 2019, I got a classy green Volcom T-shirt in the mail. The shirt is full of class. It also tells you that Volcom was founded in 1991. It also says “Creative Liberation” on the shirt.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a classy green Volcom T-shirt in the mail.  It tells you that the company was founded in 1991 … and it also says “Creative Liberation” on the shirt.  Now, underneath of the word “Volcom,” which is in cursive, you can see the words “America’s First Boarding Company” on the shirt.  It may have something to do with either snowboarding or skateboarding … and I’m pretty sure skateboarders and snowboarders wear Volcom shirts regularly.  I don’t do either of those things, but I know I will be wearing my Volcom shirt with class many times in the future.

Now, yesterday afternoon, just after I got the shirt in the mail, I was able to wear it with jeans and laofers.  I really like the shirt … and it fits me perfectly.  I will try to wear it with both shorts and jeans in the future.  I snapped two photos of myself wearing the shirt.  I snapped one photo in my “computer room” … and I snapped one photo in my bedroom.

As you can see, I really like my green Volcom shirt … and I will do my best to wear it as often as I can in the future.

Here are some more clouds for you to see!

While I was taking my evening walk around National Hill on October 3, 2019, I saw some rather unique-looking clouds in the skies above National Hill.  The clouds here were white, grey and dark grey … and I also saw a shiny hole in the dark grey clouds while I was walking late that afternoon.  I did see some “blue holes” in some of the clouds while I was walking that afternoon.  I also saw some “grey holes” in the clouds just before I finished taking my evening walk this past Thursday.


I was able to see some nice-looking clouds in the sky while I was taking my evening walk this past Thursday.  Now, since it’s starting to get dark earlier and earlier, I won’t be taking too many more of my evening walks this year, but I will do my best to take my evening walks in 2020.

Joseph’s Possible Halloween Costumes For 2019

It is that time of the year again, my friends.  Halloween is less than four weeks away … and I will be able to wear a terrific Halloween costume in just a matter of days.  That’s where you guys come in.  In today’s post, I will show you three possible costumes that I might be wearing on Halloween in 2019.  I will tell you which costume I’ll be wearing in a blog post later this month.  So, with that in mind, let me show you the costumes that I may be wearing on Halloween this year.

A casual teacher …

Should Joseph be a casual teacher on Halloween this year?

A cool cameraman …

Should Joseph be a cool cameraman on Halloween this year?

A classy insurance man …

Should Joseph be a classy insurance man on Halloween this year?

Those are the three costumes that I may be wearing on Halloween this year, but I can only choose one costume.  The choice is yours.  Which costume should I wear on Halloween in 2019?

These are the three Halloween costumes that I may be wearing in 2019. Should I be a classy insurance man, a cool cameraman or a casual teacher?

I still have my new glasses one year later!

On October 6, 2018, just days after I got my eye exam at the now-closed Three Guys Optical in Collier Township, I got my new glasses.  I had owned my Joseph Abboud glasses for about two years whenever I got the glasses … and, nearly one year later, I still like them … and I wear them on a daily basis.  I hope you guys still like them as much as I do.

I have owned these glasses for almost one year now. I purchased them at the now-closed Three Guys Optical in Collier Township on October 6, 2018.

Joseph’s Moment Of Peace: Joseph’s 90.5 WESA App

Now, over the years, I have listened to several fantastic radio stations in Pittsburgh … and, at one point, whenever I was a student in school, I would listen to at least one of the three public radio stations in our city.  When I was young, I would listen to either WQED-FM, which is at 89.3, or WDUQ, which was at 90.5, regularly.  I would sometimes listen to WYEP, which is at 91.3, but I never really got into it.  WQED-FM plays classical music, WDUQ, which is now WESA, airs programs from NPR and WYEP plays Adult Alternative music.

Whenever I listened to 90.5 years ago, their call letters were WDUQ … and they had their studios on the campus of Duquesne University for many years.  These days, their call letters are WESA … and their studios are on Pittsburgh’s South Side.  That brings me to the topic of today’s blog post, which is about my 90.5 WESA app.  For some reason, I started listening to public radio regularly again, after taking a break from doing so for a few years.

90.5 WESA is one of Pittsburgh’s three NPR stations … and I usually listen to it on my app, which is on my smartphone … and it relaxes me in a big way.  I listen to it out of boredom, but, sometimes, I’ll listen to it if I want to be informed.  The station has some fantastic programs and some fantastic disc jockeys on there … and they also do hourly newscasts from NPR at one minute after nearly every hour.  They also air “BBC World Service” in the overnight hours … and I’ll listen to it on my app whenever I want to fall asleep in the middle of the night.

If you need a way to relax like me, you can download the 90.5 WESA app on your smartphone … and you can use it whenever you want to relax.

Will Joseph stop going to Cecil’s Fall Festival?

Now, this past Saturday, I went to Cecil’s Fall Festival, which is located in Cecil Park, for nearly one hour.  I was there in the late afternoon hours on Saturday.  I was there from around 4 until 5 on that day.  I was hoping I would see some familiar faces there, but, sadly, that was not the case.  There aren’t too many exciting things there as there once was, but I was able to see some neat things while I was there.

This festival has taken place at Cecil Park every year since 1988 … and, sadly, I may not be going to this event after this year.  Nothing personal.  It’s just that I would like to focus on some other exciting festivals that are in and around the area.  I will continue to go to Cecil Park whenever I have the time to do so.

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