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I am cool … but do I also have swag?

This past Saturday, I was trying to figure something out. I am a cool person, but do I also have swag? Well, let’s look at Joseph, the “cool dude,” first, shall we?



About a month ago, I asked you whether or not I was a “cool dude” … and one of my blog’s subscribers, who will remain nameless, said that I was, indeed, a “cool dude” … and I agreed with that person. I am indeed a cool dude.

Now, let me ask you a question. Do I also have swag? Well, look at these two pictures … and then tell me whether or not I have swag.



Well, I really don’t know what the word “swag” actually means, but I may have some swag here. Either way, I’m cool … and I may also have swag.